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NUASF/ E.E. Mecklenburg Environmental Scholarship



 In the fall of 2000, the New Ulm Area Sport Fishermen club, (NUASF), joined with the family of Earl E. Mecklenburg to form a scholarship for students interested in a career in the environmental field. 

 Earl Mecklenburg was the father of one of our longtime members, Dave Mecklenburg.  Dave’s dad grew up on a farm in Milford Township and moved to New Ulm as an adult.  In addition to his family and many friends, education and the environment were very important to him.  Earl loved to read and always stressed to his family the value of a good education.  During his lifetime, he enjoyed being outdoors, whether it was for fishing, hunting, or just observing nature.  After Earl died in 1998, his family wanted to create a scholarship to honor his memory and Dave invited the NUASF club to participate.  Because the club is involved in many activities supporting environmental causes, it welcomed the opportunity.

 Every year in November, application information is distributed to ten area schools and scholarships are then awarded in May.  Since the first scholarship was given in the spring of 2001, nine scholarships have been awarded - seven for $500 and two for $250.

 Each year the Mecklenburg family makes a sizable donation to the scholarship and, so far, the NUASF club has voted to match that donation.  In addition, individual club members generously choose to donate $5 when renewing their memberships.  As a result, the scholarship continues to grow. 


*All donations go to the general operations fund of NUASF and are tax deductible.*

NUASF is a MN Non-Profit org under stat. 317A and is a registered Minnesota charity with the Attorney General's Office and the Secretary of State. NUASF is a permanent tax exempt 501 c 3 org.



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