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Minnesota River Walleye Anglers 

The  MN DNR working on a walleye study of the MN River and are looking for assistance. The study involves collecting heads from angler harvested walleye along the river from LQP to the Mississippi. They will use otoliths from the heads to determine ages and also be able to see how many fish have OTC marks from their stockings. This will allow them to better understand growth and recruitment of walleye in the river, and further refine their stockings. They are looking for groups and businesses willing to get the word out and serve as collection points. Collection points will need a freezer with space to store heads until they can pick them up.

DNR Fisheries biologists would like your help studying Minnesota River Walleye. For walleye that you harvest, please freeze the head in a zip-lock bag. Use a permanent marker to label the bag with the date caught and general location information. For example June 1, 2006, 3 miles upstream of New Ulm. Use a separate bag for each walleye you harvest.

Please contact Chris Domeier, DNR Fisheries, at 320-839-2656 or chris.domeier@dnr.state.mn.us and he will provide information regarding drop-off collection sites.

The walleye heads will be used to determine walleye ages, growth rates, and the success of walleye stockings.

The information obtained from this study will be important for management of the riverís walleye population, however please do not alter your behavior for the sake of this study. In other words, keep only walleye that you would normally have kept in the past, and release those you would normally have released.

Anglers interested in data from the heads they submit should include their postal or email address on the bag.

Thank you, and Good Fishing!